Let's BARK together!

An utility token within the BARKERS community. We $BARK together to reach more people and make this project the NR 1 in the community based crypto market.

Our Mission

Make the other cryptocurrencies feel frightened with our barks. Show the world that there is no better way to win than to persevere. Let’s bark together to enlarge the BARKERS community.

We have a weekly lottery for our holders. Participate with as little as 10.000 BARK and you can win up to 95% of the jackpot.

Our RoadMap







0% TAX on Buys 0% TAX on Sells

Liquidity Pool 100% Burned

CA: 3SbDt7zYzzhRb1sA4iJpUUZRBo3RHV4aMeFuEAQDp9oF

We have revoked the ability to mint new tokens and we have also revoked the freeze authority. Check HERE !


One Billion Tokens. Deflationary. With utility. Freeze authority and ability to mint revoked… It’s a perfect memecoin!

Initial Supply (60%)

We distribute 60% of the initial supply in several decentralized exchanges to provide liquidity and allow BARKERS to start playing. They can buy in and participate in our lottery or loot the BARK until the end!

CEX Supply (15%)

We dream big! We want our barking to reach the ears of those who own the largest centralized exchanges such as CoinBase, Kraken, Binance and many others. We will not stop here!

Marketing (10%)

The best way to grow your community is with a good marketing strategy. We have it and we will not hesitate to be TOP1 in social networks! Send memes, talk about BARK, the new generation of memecoin has arrived.

Developers (10%)

Every project needs improvement. We have many innovative ideas in mind and for that we need top quality developers to bring a unique and entertaining product to our BARKERS. 

Operational (5%)

Sign SmartContracts, pay for audits, pay for useful platforms for the development of the blockchain, get new collaborators. We reserve 5% for operational expenses.

Check the BarkPaper for more information on the distribution of tokens and their usefulness in the ecosystem.

Participate in our weekly lottery!

You can purchase an entry ticket for only 10,000 $BARK. 3% of the jackpot will be burned while 95% of the jackpot will be drawn among 5 winning tickets. 

In coming!

Send your memes & art

Make memes or art with our token and we will reward your work. Become an Artist Barker!

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