How to buy?

1. Install Phantom Wallet on Chrome

Search Phantom Wallet in your browser and install the extension. You can download Phantom Wallet HERE!

2. Make an Account & Save Your Key Phrase

Follow the steps and make sure that you made a photo of your keyphrase (IT’S A MUST IF YOU WANT TO RECOVER YOUR WALLET)

3. Deposit some Solana

You can deposit Solana using MoonPay or another Exchange like Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Gemeni, etc.

4. Acces Raydium

You can access Raydium from HERE. It’s a descentralized exchange. CA: 3SbDt7zYzzhRb1sA4iJpUUZRBo3RHV4aMeFuEAQDp9oF

5. Buy some $BARK & Hold it or Participate in our Lottery

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